Astral Projection Session

Hello and welcome to this guided meditation to take you on a cosmic projection experience.

Are you ready to go on a journey that will open your perspective and change your life forever?

Make sure you will not be disturbed to be fully immersed in this adventure.

Lucid dreaming seems very real, and at times, you may feel like things are happening out of your control, but remember, you can always open your eyes if you need to.

Like any other form of art, this takes patience and practice to become fully adapted to the techniques, so don’t be too hard on yourself initially.

Allow your eyes to gently close, and when you do this, you feel a wave of relaxation sweep over you.

Close your eyes, staying as still as possible. If you feel like you need to move or even have an itch, resist the temptation to move at all.

This is how you access a deep state of lucid dreaming. As you relax, I would like you to visualize every word I say and immerse yourself entirely in this experience. Begin to imagine your room around you in as much detail as possible.

See the bed, the furniture, the ground, the ceiling. See how the lines of your room are in your mind, like how the walls come together or the straight edges of tables and furniture.

Now see the patterns in your room, any textures of pillows or fabrics.

Now imagine that your window is open, and you hear the wind blowing gently outside. It is a lovely day with white clouds passing by.

Begin to breathe in and out…each breath you take makes you more relaxed. In and out… feeling relaxation coming over you… the wind outside your window is blowing harder; the clouds are turning gray…

You are noticing how your breath naturally slows. As you concentrate on your breathing, you may feel some tingling sensations in your fingers, arms, and feet.

Notice how this tingle grows as you begin to focus on it.

The wind outside your window is bringing a rainstorm. You hear the pitter-patter of the raindrops starting to hit your window.

The rain becomes heavier as the storm draws closer, and the clouds become darker. Feel relaxation sweep over your entire body.

Breathing deeper, only your chest and belly is moving; everything else remains completely still.

Resist any desire to move any part of your body, no matter how much you want to.

This takes you deeper into the astral plane.
Notice those tingling sensations again… feel the energy of these sensations….

Allow that energy to amplify…

You are breathing, hearing the rain falling outside. Relaxing. Bring all of the tinglings into your hands and fingers.

This is a comforting feeling and also brings you excitement.

The rain outside the window is letting up to a drizzle and continues tapping ever so slightly on the glass.

Breathing, noticing how your awareness does not reside within your body, but rather anywhere you’d like it to…

So with the power of your imagination, picture yourself in your room again… start to imagine that your eyes are open and you can see everything around you, exactly as if your eyes were open… look around the room seeing the furniture…the patterns…the lines and the curves.

You can feel your heart beating, and you can hear your breath.

Just the way you can listen to the rain outside your astral window.

The more you can tune in to your own body and different sensations, the stronger your hands begin to tingle.

And you relax further and more profound; time seems to slow down even more…. slowing down until reality seems to come to a stand-still…

As If time is frozen, bring your hands up into the air, looking at your arms extending in front of you with your imagination.

You can see that tingling sensation in your astral hands as energy vibrates brightly.

Taking it slowly, begin moving your astral hands around, and the more you do, the lighter you feel.

Moving your hands around makes you feel playful and happy…

Allow the feeling of playfulness to grow, as if you were a kid running around on the playground…or playing make-believe with your friends…

Now, in your lucid dream, lift your head off of the bed, and sit up… feeling giddy and silly… allowing a big smile to come across your face.

This may seem odd, but I assure you it is entirely safe and ok. Turn around and look at yourself lying so relaxed on your bed… your body is thoroughly enjoying this rest.

It is time to roll your astral body away from your imagination, so slowly and gently, holding a sense of happiness and play, moving 180 degrees away from your body and standing up.

You are now ready for your heavenly experience. Begin creating whatever you like and doing whatever you want. This is the ultimate space for learning.

And remember, anytime you can open your eyes and return to the physical realm.